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activPulse™ Portable Photo Studio Lightbox

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  • High Brightness:Customized integrated light-bar design with 2*20PCS high-quality SMD LED beads,provides enough brightness for shooting

  • Multi-angle Shooting: Photo light box With one front horizontal shooting window and one vertical window, it can meet different shooting demands.

  • No Strobe:Even if using the unprofessional shooting equipments, you still can get high-quality professional pictures though ActivPulse Photo studio box.

  • Instant Gallery:Uses mini USB power. Just connect, display — and shoot!

  • Widely Use:Photo studio lightbox Perfect for shooting small items, Such as jewelry, accessories, toys, watches, gadgets and other items. Great for photographers, artists, online sellers, professionals and product advertising projects. 

"...Easy to assemble, light is super shiny and easy to remove background in photoshop!"

"I am glad that I bought this item. I am 3rd Ph.D student working on fruits and vegetables. I usually need to some simple but good quality pictures. So far, the pictures that I took did not have same background and same light. So I spent too much time on the computer to fix it. Right now the led lights are uniform and make it wonderful environment for taking a good picture. The led needs a usb charger or USB port from a computer. The package includes so many different backgrounds and a nice package for it. If you use adobe photoshop or even any other photoshop program i highly recommend you to use white background, easy to remove or in other words use the background with highly contrasting colors which makes easy to remove background." - Jesus - Los Angeles, CA

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!



Wouldn't you love to take every photo in a perfectly lit studio? The ActivPulse Studio Lightbox lets you take perfect pictures no matter where you go!

In today's digitally savvy world, regular smartphone photos simply won't do. What you need are clean, crisp, professional looking catalog-style product photos!

Introducing the ActivPulse Studio Lightbox, designed for photography enthusiasts, online sellers, students, handcrafters, advertisers and more!

turn your simple photography into work of true art!

Make photography affordable, portable, and easier than ever with the ActivPulse Portable Photo Studio Lightbox. The one-piece collapsible photo studio features integrated LED lights that make it possible to capture high-quality images with a camera or smartphone. Ideal for product advertisers, professionals, and hobbyists, the photo studio promotes high-quality images and saves space and time with its convenient portability and quick set-up.

Optimized Lighting and Imaging Options

Inspired by studio lighting, a main light fills the box, a second light provides directional accent and highlight, and the inside walls bounce fill-light into your object. Each light is daylight balanced at 5600K with high CRI (Color Rendering Index), high output LEDs, for producing good contrast, consistent color, and enough output for handheld photography. Diffusion material protects the LEDs, while softening shadows and eliminating LED-dot-reflections. 

The background material is covered with a zero-texture, bright white, durable coating. A top hole allows imaging from above, and the front flap has 3 doors to maximize image angles and bounced fill light, while minimizing outside reflections. (The image at left was captured using a smartphone and a manual camera app with settings of ISO200; S250; WB Auto).  

Get Creative With Your Photography

The two-light approach provides directional highlights and contrast like that of a studio lighting set-up, perfect for your creative needs. Easily attach different backgrounds to get the look and feel you want using the photo studio’s built-in background hangar. Take advantage of the spacious imaging area with use of props and other photographic tools to enhance your images.

Easy to assemble

Carefully designed with your time and busy schedule in mind, the ActivPulse Portable Photo Studio Lightboxrequires no assembly. Set-up and start imaging in less than a minute.

On the go? Not a problem. Collapse the photo studio into a thin (2.5 inch) easy-to-store portfolio carrying case, and take it with you using the shoulder strap or handle. 

All components are neatly contained for easy transport. An integrated pocket holds the power adapter and user manual, while the image background stows nicely within the box. It even has a small pouch for holding business cards or other items.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!


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Can I purchase replacement background?

If you want to get fancy, the top edge of the included/attached backdrop has one small piece of hook and loop fastener on each side. The installed backdrop measures roughly 29.5 inches wide by 43 inches long. You could purchase anything and trim to size, and attach with adhesive or sew-on hook & loop fastener or simply clip it on with binder clips or the like.

Does the background stay pure white for ecommerce product listing image or do i have to photoshop out the background and put in pure white background?

One way to make sure that your background stays pure white is to adjust the WB or White Balance on your camera. Setting the WB correctly avoids any need for post photo editing.

How is the led light quality? i bought other brand studio box, but it only worked for two weeks!

Our lights are made of 20 PCS high-quality SMD LED beads, support long time working. 

Warming remind, please limited use power supply over 5V,  because High voltage and current will make the LED light flashing,even worse damage the light chips. 

Please kindly note, ActivPulse offer 365 days full refund once product have any problems. We offer life time Quality Guarantee and Friendly after-sale Service. If you received package with any questions, you can sent a email to seller though order page, we will offer full return or sent you new one package for replacement.

Will Shoes And Boots Fit?

Yes to both shoes and boots with large size.  

I Am Starting My Food Photographer Career, What Box Should I Choose?

As food varies by size, we would recommend you to purchase the Ultimate Bundle + 360 turntable. Small and Medium boxes allow you to do micro shoot with outstanding angle of ingredient, while Large box and 360 Turntable will help you take photograph of every detail.


HEAR WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT ACTIVPULSE™ portable photo studio lightbox

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Love Love Love it!!!

"I needed something that I could have at work that would be quick and easy. I don't have the space to set up anything large, and carrying around bulky equipment is extremely cumbersome for what I need. After researching and looking through several options, I decided to go with this setup, and it was a GREAT move. The only negative, if you want to call it that, is just finding a way to hide all the wires, but that proved to be a simple task once I got it done. It's made of the material that you'd find in one of those plastic mail totes. The white background is extremely sturdy and seamless. The black is great, except if you happen to be in an environment where there's debris floating around. The felt tends to act as a magnet for dust. The lighting is phenomenal! I wish I had purchased this sooner. It would have saved me a lot of work!!!" - Chris Gillespie- Los Angeles, CA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Probably the last photo box I'll buy

"A massive upgrade from my old box. I needed something bigger for 1/100 scale Gundam models and the beastly 25" Foldio3 covers that and more. Super study, strong magnets, and three dimmable LED strips with defusers. The 25" is big enough to even contain the massive 1/60 perfect grade models I have like the one in my picture. I was on the fence because of the price but it's completely worth the price." - Mister Ugly, New York, NY

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This is one of the best purchases of 2020!

"I can't get over the excitement! This thing has to be one of the best purchases of 2020. Gone are the days when I had to wait for perfect natural lighting during the day, using my microfiber towel is a backdrop and positioning stuff on my table or my sofa. GONE! Now, I have ActivPulse. This thing is a huge step-up that will help me create professional-looking photos for my eCommerce store. I won't need to hire an expensive photographer because I am now confident in my ability to create similar looking professional photos." - Theresa - Seattle, WA

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!



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